1. Adolf Wolfli

    The Swiss artist Adolf Wolfli was an artist born in Feb 29, 1864 in Bern. Wolfli lived a depressing childhood as he was orphaned and sexually abused at the age of 10. Later in his life, the psychological trauma of these events influenced an led him to commit child molestations which he was imprisoned for.  After being released, he repeated the offense which caused him to be admitted into the Waldau Clinic in Bern. In the clinic he spent time in isolation which caused him to suffer but it was in this clinic where his talents and skills in his art practice were developed and recognised by a doctor at Waldau, Walter Morganthaler. His art was made using materials provided for him and also where he could scavenge materials such as pencils given to him which will be completely used after two days and packaging paper and other materials he can find or ask for from the clinic’s guards. In conclusion, he’s regarded as an outside artist because his work was created and presented some of the smaller works within the clinical institution often selling them to visitors for pencils and required materials. In addition, he received his materials and equipments from supporting medical staffs. Through his doctor, his name gained publicity and reputation in the arts world. He lived his life within the hospital walls until his passing in November 6, 1930 at the age of 66.

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